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Trading is a feature in Monkey Quest.

You can trade items and bananas with other monkeys. You can trade up to nine different items and an unlimited amount of bananas.

You can only trade items that are marked as "Unbound", meaning that they can be traded.

Items are not able to be traded if they are marked as "Bound", meaning that they are strictly bound to your character and you cannot trade them away. Bananas are always unbound, meaning that you can always trade any amount of bananas with others.


  • Click on a monkey you want to trade with. Alternatively, you can use your friend-book to find monkeys to trade with.
  • Click the "Trade" button. If they do not accept, try again once. If they still deny your trade request, do not bother them further.
  • Decide what you want to trade and hit "Submit".
  • If you want to change what you're trading after you hit "Submit", hit the "Change" button.
  • You can decline or accept their trade.

Note that you can use the trade portion of the in-game chat to discuss about trading.