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Trunket, the founder of Mek-Tek

Trunket is the founder of the Mek-Tek tribe . Not much is known about him or his tribe due to the recent lava spirit outbreak at scaldera, their main city, but it is said that he was one of, if not the most intelligent and creative of the Monkey King's Companions[1], and a great inventor and genius. While it is unconfirmed, it can be assumed that Trunket somehow learned to harness the element of electricity, due to the Horn of Heroism showing ten elemental symbols (each tribe's twice), and the only as of yet unknown symbol is a lightning bolt.


  • Trunket is the only tribal founder that has not been revealed to have learned an element.
  • Trunket is most likely deceased, like the rest of the companions, but it is unknown who took over after his passing away.