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Hello, I'm Daedalus, also known as Zapp Cloudtwist, or N6ohem on the MQ forums. I have been playing Monkey Quest almost since release, and through multiple hiatuses, played 'till the end. I am a Chim Foo warrior, and in the camp of old hardcore players who feel that MQ took a bit of a plummet near the end, but was not beyond redemption and did not deserve to end like this. Though unlikely, part of me still awaits the return of the Monkey King. My history aside, I apologize if I come across as being rude or discouraging, I just tend to do that due to my more business-minded nature. I also ramble a lot, so please excuse me for that.

My Favourite Tribes (In Order From Most to Least)[]

  • Chim Foo
  • Ootu Mystics/Mek-Tek (Tied)
  • Ice Raiders
  • Sea Dragons

My Monkeys[]

  • Zapp Cloudtwist
  • None
  • None