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JustMitch here. Been on this wiki for around three years and am currently still editing articles. Although not as frequently anymore.

Current activity Update:

I am currently rarely active.

You can find the articles/sections I'm currently working on below.

I started playing Monkey Quest in late 2011, and continued to play it on and off until its conclusion back in 2014. I miss it dearly and I follow the current revival project Monkey Quest Reborn with great interest. It is one of my favourite games ever made and I greatly await its return.

You may also see me occasionally on the MQ Reborn & New Ook discord, with the same username as here, although I seldom chat on those.

The only surviving picture of BrianWildHelm

My Monkey[]

BrianWildHelm Level 65 - Tribe Ootu mystics

I don't really have a favourite tribe, Ootu just intrigued me the most.

I don't quite remember the set up my monkey had, although I know I frequently used the Dragon Mace and the Healing Staff.

Instagram Account[]

I run a Monkey Quest related Instagram account which, to my knowledge is the only MQ Instagram account at the moment. The user name is

You can find it here: ☀

I seldom post on it from time to time so it is maybe worth a look.

Pages I've Made[]

What I'm Working On[]

Currently I'm working on creating a page for every NPC in the game, and then I plan to move onto polishing up all the trail pages, and giving them all a similar format while retaining preexisting information.

I also float around various different pages adding images, fixing spelling, grammar etc.

Contacting Me[]

For any questions about literally anything you can send to me on my;

A) Discord, shown above

B) DM the Instagram account, shown above

C) Just message me on my wall here on the wiki

I should respond to messages on any of those platforms reasonably quickly.