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Greetings to all warriors and monkeys from Ook!


Much of you heard about the closure of Monkey Quest Rewritten. Some of us explained how this can be the end for all of us. But it's far from over. Myself (Eoi), alongside with VoidEnemy and Trekk are remaking the game of Monkey Quest Rewritten! This is not over yet. We will never stop grinding, and that's a doubt. I understand much of you miss and love the game that has been closed down. Although, this is not over yet. We started everything fresh without no struggles, and see where this is gonna go.

And yes! Discord invites are open for all people. Join now! Located on this link:

*This link is permanent. It never expires*

Anyway, stuff is getting worked on, and we are trying our best to remake the game. This is not over. The development is getting done quickly, we have old files, and so much more. *Much appreciated if you share the files with us*.

And that's about it! If you wanna keep in touch of us, join that discord link as stated above.

This is a new beginning for all of us. Let's bring back Ook, and become legends! Join the discord now, and become a hero by heart.

Discord invite: