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A few examples of weapons

In the World of Ook, there are a variety of Weapons for you to choose from. When you first start the game, your first weapon is your trainer weapon. Weapons have to be assigned to a hotkey before you are able to use them. Weapon Attack can be raised by leveling up, equipping equipment which gives that stat a boost, or by putting skill points by using the badges you start earning at Level 10 at each tribe's town square. Note: There isn't a badge in the Crossroads. You will earn the Dragon Flame Sword, Fiery Kernel Blaster, and Horn Of Heroism from Sea Dragons. You will earn the Mystic Flytrap Staff, Snake Staff And Healing Staff from the Ootu Mystics. You will earn the Foo Warrior Throwing Stars, Golden Tornado Stars, Stun Flower and Scrying Orb from the Chim Foo. You can buy a Metal Sword and the Cyclops Sword from The NC Mall and the Windstorm Stars from Brokk. Obtain a Guardian Knight Cadet Sword from questing for Guardian Knight Willow.


Supplies like the Stink Bomb and boom bombs can be used to damage enemies, and others like the Shiny Red Apple can be used to heal you, but they are not considered as weapons. The Healing Staff is used only for healing, but is still considered a weapon. Pets can help defeat monsters there for a kind of weapon but not in the weapon section of your inventory.

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