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1 of the 2 quests that reside here in Magma Citadel.

Previous Quest:[]

Who's The Boss is the seventh and final quest in Kian's Co-Op Questline. This quest is one of two quests that takes place in Magma Citadel, the other being the quest, The Log Books.

Kian is really amped up on bashing those Shadow Monsters and Arenas, so he wants you to venture into the Magma Citadel and defeat 2 Arenas and 3 Shadow Monsters. Make sure to bring some friends!


  • Defeat The Arena
  • Defeat The Second Arena
  • Defeat The Shadow Bombird
  • Defeat The Shadow Fish
  • Defeat The Shadow Pincer
  • Return To Kian


  • 11410 XP
  • 700 Bananas
  • Platinum Hoops

Next Quest:[]

  • None